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Bonnie Gjurovska

Bonnie Gjurovska : Managing Editor

As Top10Casinos.ca's Managing Editor, Bonnie utilises her knowledge and skills to provide accurate and informative information surrounding the Canadian online gambling industry. As a college graduate, she started honing her skills as a content writer to earn extra money. She was initially responsible for the latest developments and trends within the industry as well as delivering in-depth reviews on new and popular games, promotions and bonuses, trusted payment methods, legal frameworks, and online casinos. Before long, she got the opportunity to manage her own team of talented writers. Bonnie is the perfect candidate as Managing Editor at Top10Casinos.ca. She strives to provide accurate and high quality content to our Canadian readers.

iGaming Experience

Always eager to familiarize herself with a broader range of concepts, Bonnie ventured into the world of online gambling in 2015. She started her journey as a content writer where she specialised in cryptocurrencies and game reviews. She started her higher education in 2017 where she received a master's degree in business law with a focus on international law. In spite of her educational background, Bonnie found her true calling in the gambling industry, specializing in content marketing. Within a short couple of years, she was promoted to Managing Editor and is currently responsible for structuring and planning pages, overseeing relevant topics for our readers, and keeping her finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest casino developments.

Over the years, Bonnie has observed significant developments within the global casino realm, especially with the pandemic, law changes in Canada that affect gameplay for customers, and various security breaches and how to handle them. She strongly believes that the Canadian iGaming industry provides a more diverse and safer experience and promotes responsible gaming for anyone who plays for real money online. She is always up to date with the newest trends within the industry and strives to provide accurate and informative information to Canadian readers so that they are well-informed before registering with any of our recommended brands.

Personal Life

When she is not devoting her time to her career, Bonnie enjoys various hobbies, such as the Eurovision singing contest that takes place every year. She loves discovering new artists and songs and is not afraid to place a few bets on who will be the winner. She also sees herself as a nerd and regularly plays Dungeons and Dragons with her friends. Craps has always been the casino game of choice for her as she's an avid enthusiast of dice games. Even though it took a while to master the game, it remains her top choice at Canadian online casinos to this day.

The most sincere compliment we can pay is attention

Finding inspiration from her favourite quote by Walter Anderson "The most sincere compliment we can pay is attention", Bonnie loves discovering new possibilities in the challenging world of online gambling. She is extremely optimistic in all aspects of her life, including her role as Managing Editor at Top10Casinos.ca. Therefore, it's not surprising that she always finds a new gaming strategy when losing a bet, and is quick to deliver helpful content to our readers so they can reap the rewards. As a Managing Editor, Bonnie never forgets to remind our readers that losing money is part of the journey and it can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience online.

Bonnie Gjurovska Most Recently Edited Content

Bonnie has covered a multitude of gambling topics from various markets throughout her career. The content that she most recently worked on involved the most generous bonuses for Canadian players in 2024, evaluating leading software providers, and important changes in the legal landscape of Canada. She also oversees the publication of content from her talented team of writers and ensures that the information we deliver is realistic, accurate, and trendy.

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